Class Participation—Because this course is a speaking intensive seminar, students are expected to contribute to class discussions once daily to receive the minimum passing grade, which is a “D.” Grades will be based on whether a student participated and the substance of his/her comments.

Blogging— Students will write a reflection on reading assignments, posted by 8AM on the class blog. The reflection post must demonstrate that you have read the entire assignment. No late blog posts are accepted. For specific dates, see the Schedule.

Introductory Presentation—During the first and second week of classes, students will give a five-minute presentation about themselves and why they are a history major. As part of this assignment, students will need to incorporate multimedia into their presentation. For specific dates, see the Schedule.

Digital Identity—Students will work on implementing goals related to the development of their digital identity on their domain. To do this, students will explore ways to customize their websites and develop a unique online presence. Students are expected to delineate three goals and develop them with help from the DKC. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

Individual Research Project—Students will work on a series of assignments related to their individual research project. These include the following:

Project Proposal (2-pages)—A short document that addresses the following: 1) the subject that you plan to research, 2) a working argument; 3) the types of sources that you plan to use, and 4) the significance of your proposed project. It must include an additional one-page bibliography (for a total of at least 3-pages) of primary and secondary sources that you intend to use. Students must have their project proposal approved by the instructor before proceeding with their research. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

Literature Review (5-pages)— An essay that discusses an issue (person, event, idea, etc.) and the ways in which several scholars have addressed it. This assignment must engage 5 books (3-4 articles are equivalent to one book) related to your final research paper. As a reminder, secondary sources must meet the following criteria: 1) authors are experts in their field; 2) it is published with a reputable press; and 3) the author includes footnotes or endnotes. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

StoryMap JS—Throughout the semester, students will use StoryMap JS ( to develop a multimedia version of their research. Each map must have 10 points to receive full credit; each point should have its own description and bibliography. The final product will be posted on your Domain. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

Final Paper (10-pages)— This assignment is a culmination of your research and writing. It will include analyses of both primary and secondary sources that support your thesis statement. The 10-page minimum does not include the bibliography or citations. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

Final Presentation—10-minute presentations based on your research will be given to the class. Students are required to use multimedia to support their presentation. For more information, see “Oral Presentations” on UMW’s History Department’s website. For specific deadlines, see the Schedule.

Writing and Speaking Centers—Students must take one writing assignment to the Writing Center and practice one presentation at the Speaking Center during the semester (NOTE: visiting either Centers after an assignment is due will not be accepted). Be sure to schedule appointments early!!!  Failure to attend to either the Writing or Speaking Centers reduces your participation grade by a full letter grade.