Course Goals

History Course Goals:

  • Understanding of the discipline‚Äôs methods and processes
  • Ability to synthesize research findings
  • Ability to write with clarity about the past
  • Ability to define a project of investigative study and write a project proposal, literature review, and research paper
  • Ability to communicate in a group setting

Speaking Intensive Course Goals:

  • Students will understand and be able to explain the conventions and expectations of oral communication as practiced within the discipline of the course taken.
  • Students will apply theories and strategies for crafting messages (verbal, nonverbal, and visual) for particular audiences and purposes.
  • Students will be able to craft oral messages after a conscious process in which various options are reviewed and will be able to explain and support their choices.
  • Students will be able to metacommunicate about their own communication patterns.

Writing Intensive Course Goals:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the varying strategies to convey arguments, main ideas and support/evidence.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the varying patterns of composition, organization, and development.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the audience, the role of the writer, and rhetorical strategies.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of writing conventions and correctness.