Havana and the Atlantic

The author described the life of the people who lived near the Havana ports. During the 16th century there had been a lot of action near the ports. The town was currently preparing for a counter attack to a man who had landed there. The town had been struggling because this town had originally been created to be a stopping point for other conquest to happen by the Spanish. The town did not have a lot of natural resources. However the island was still important to the Spanish empire for communication and trade (4).   So the town had been in decline and was exposed to attack. The Spanish government was trying to solve the problems of Havana because people were leaving. They allowed the indigenous people back on the island. This island was important because of it’s geographical location which made it desirable to other countries. The Spanish government had to make sure to defend the port.  Unfortunately the town was destroyed but later reconstructed. An important idea from this reading was the idea of port cities. Havana was an important fortified service station to the Spanish crown. The ports also had advantages because of its leverage. It gave access to points in the mainland. This article was an interesting read because one port city can influence an empire. The port city of Havana had been a powerful move by the Spanish. This read was also important because it showed partly how many sources we need. The author had used a board range of sources.

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