History and Internet

This was an interesting article because I remember growing up with access to the computer so this was a different perspective. The author, Jenny L. Presnell, talked about the benefits of the internet because of all the access to items. However, there is a concern with using the internet for all research because it does not always use the review process used for academic work. We have too look through the websites to find the quality. She gave a bullet point list of items to look for like connected to primary sources, papers, scholarly discussion and many others. One of the questions the author went into war when is the internet appropriate to use for research? The answer was yes depending on the work you used or sites you used. If the website used primary sources from like a museum collection. If there is a collection of bibliographies from scholars work. Many government organizations are beginning to keep collections of their work online. There can be hyperlinks for specialized sources. Also historians can say discussion on work on the internet a lot easier now a days and people have access to it. The author then goes into how to use the internet for research. Instead of using google all the time it is good to use search directories or online databases. It also depends on what you are searching for. You gotta be careful the words you type in because you may need to be more specific. The URL is also very important to understanding the site you are looking it. The author mentioned how the internet can be like a web so it can be hard to find pieces of information. There could be pdfs or images missing. Also different databases need to be accessed in different ways. The author also points out ways to find primary sources. There are different primary sources collections from personal to from a museum cite. You have to be cautious because you do not know if anything was taken out from the sources. Try to look out for the high quality collections because they should be originally scanned. The first good place to look is to use academic search engines. Than to look at different search engines. The author ┬áin the end suggest this criteria looking at primary sources. By first looking at the quality of the scans, can you search the document, look at the author’s sources, does it help you understand the material. This was a good read because we live in an age of the internet and it is important to double check our sources.

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