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The introduction of this text is meant to introduce the reader to the purpose of these authors’ book, which is, as the title suggests, about Havana and the Atlantic in the 1500s. While the first few pages give some historical background on an event that took place in that area, the portion of real interest to me came when the authors started to discuss why they were writing their book. What I found the authors’ purpose of writing their book was to “evaluate the impact on local society and the opportunities and challenges it created for the various social groups that worked and lived in [Havana]” (Alejandro de la Fuente, et al., 7). A second “why” that can be asked in response to this topic, is “why is this specific topic important?” The authors state the reason of why their topic is important and different from other works about Havana and the Atlantic is because the “making of this Atlantic port city has been poorly studied,” and even when it is, historians tend to portray Havana as a “service station” or “service city” for Spanish fleets (Alejandro de la Fuente, et al., 7).

This introduction is a good example of how one should properly introduce their research paper (or book), and on how to explain why your topic is more important or more interesting than other topics about the same subject.


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